QRM Eliminator

Today i connected my brand-new WiMo QRM-Eliminator (see: here and scroll down a bit) to my station.

My old, indoor dipole for 10 and 15 meters appears not te be a good QRM-antenna, it receives also quite a lot wanted signals.

So i took about 8 meters of random wire, and used a stape-gun to attach it -mostly- horizontaly  to the ceiling of the room.

It’s much better in receiving  QRM. I still have to get used to it (and read the manual: PDF) but the first experiments sound quite good! Today, i could reduce the QRM on 30 meters with several S-points.

Small field day experiment

Today i’m about to do a small field-day experiment.

On a hilltop nearby, i’ll run a portable setup. First f all i’ll be the first operator for our clubstation, PI4DEV. As every sundaymorning at 11:30 we will have a gathering at 145.275. I will run this staion today with my Yaesu FT-1900 from my car.

Unfortunatly the solarflux and ssn are down this weekend, because the second part of the experiment is my portable HF-digi setup:

FT-817, Asus EEE-pc and some antenna stuff.

This way i’ll try to make some QSO’s, very QRP (about 1 watt) in digi-mode. This is a proven setup from earlier experiments, but changing antenna’s will probably make some difference.

Keep your antenna’s up and listen for pi4dev or pe1rik/p on vhf or 20 and 30 meters today (between 11:00 and 14:00 CET).

Jamboree on the air

As every year, the second weekend in october, there’s a jamboree on the air, an event together with scouting. We were running a nice setup with 2 HF stations and one VHF. The scouts build an enormous mast of 20 meters in the middle of the town. On top of it we had an jaybeam for 20-15-10 meters and an 14 elements beam for VHF.

From the top of the tower we had an wire-antenna from twice 20 meters, fed with scout-brew twinlead. This antenna is used for 80-30 meters, both phone and PSK operation. On the jaybeam we only operated PSK modes..

Besides this, we had a vertical antenna for VHF on just 8 meters above ground. This one was used for the local FM communications.

After the weekend we’ve counted just over 100 QSO’s made with the call PC65SYG/J. The top-distance was VK4 on sunda-afternoon.

Now cleaning-up and restoring everything back in the shack at home.

Working on new antenna’s

All the current antenna’s work fine, but still tinkering on antenna’s.

A few months ago my 20 meter vertical broke down and this was a serious downgrade in usability of 20 meter band. I bought myself a Diamond CP6 (6 band vertical) and hopefully within the next few weeks i’ll be able to put it upright. But i also build a 2-band dipole for 30 and 20 meters which i will put over the top of my house  as an inverted V. See how’s that performing. Yesterday-evening i heard, weak but it was there, PY2 and PY4. So 20 meters is going up!

CAT interface for my FT-450

After a few years of using my FT-450 with an G4ZLP minipro USB datainterface ( see here ), yesterday my Digimaster Pro+ arrived ( see here )

Getting this to work on my Debian Lenny install, was a little bit of a trouble. It appears that the hamlib options in fldigi was, errm, not directly helpfull. Lucky the author of fldigi created something like RigCat and the XML file for my FT-450. After setting the communication-parameters in the menu (Disable  CAT RTS and CAT SPD 38400), it works smoothly.